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Sell your space, your content, NFTs and more. Join the exclusive invite-only launch of Uhive Marketplace.

Launching July 2021.

Your Space on Uhive

List, Sell, or Rent a Space. Your space or spaces on Uhive act as your personal profile (a single space) or alternatively, interest-based profiles that you wish to share with the world or your own network of friends and family.

Spaces Have a Value.


This is Uhive’s very own digital currency. The tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain and will soon be used to power transactions across the network. You’ll be able to purchase goods and services using your tokens inside Uhive.

Meet Uhive Token.

Free Worlde

A place for self expression. The Free World is all about building connections in a judgement-free world. Find different spaces of interest to connect with like-minded users, and express yourself to the fullest.

What is the Free World?


Explore Like Never Before. Uhive believes in endless improvement that’s why incorporated virtual reality into the app from day one. VR supports a more empathetic, altruistic and understanding toward one another, which is absent from current social media.

Let’s Make Social Media More Human.

What are NFTs?add
Non-Fungible Tokens or Nifties are collectible digital assets that exist on a blockchain

Each token has unique specifications that makes it one-of-a-kind. An NFT can be owned by one user only, and they cannot be replicated or forged. On Uhive, an NFT token can be applied to every single space!

NFTs on Uhive!add
Since Uhive’s big bang, NFTs emerged throughout Uhive’s social Universe in the form of spaces!

Paid Spaces on Uhive can be the most valuable NFTs; they are unique and they solely belong to the account holder. They are basically virtual real estate, that you’ll be able to buy or sell. A Space’s value can be determined by their location in Uhive’s universe, levels of engagement, amount of content, and more.

Create your spaceadd
Claim the space by transferring the token,

In order to truly own your NFT, it contains a unique token address specific to your space’s location. Once the space’s NFT token is minted, the owner of the space can request to transfer it to their own blockchain wallet for safe keeping, or sell it by transferring it to another user’s wallet. Recipients of the NFT will be able to claim the space by transferring the token to their own wallet address.

Check Spaces NFT Tracker

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How does it work?

  1. Simply withdraw your Space NFT from Uhive to your blockchain wallet.
  2. Once it's in your blockchain wallet, you can trade/sell it.
  3. Once the Space NFT Token is moved back to uhive, to any user’s wallet, the system will move the ownership of the Space to the account the NFT moved to, including:
    • Space Location
    • Space Followers
    • Space Content
    • Space Social Scale
    • Space Awards and Badges

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